PerpetualWorkbook 3.6

PerpetualWorkbook is a utility for managing complex Exel spreadsheets
3.6 (See all)

PerpetualWorkbook is a utility for managing complex Exel spreadsheets.
PerpetualWorkbook solves the problems associated with shared workbook techniques and provides secure collaborative updating for the entire network. A seamless Outlook interface handles file distribution to the Group Users; advanced processing avoids the security prompt that usually occurs when external programs use Outlook in automation systems.

PW is designed to work with your Excel workbooks, without requiring modifications to the workbooks. The program has a wide range of adaptive interfaces which detect the configuration of your workbooks and respond accordingly. Advanced file and data versioning features ensure you have the right data for your reports.
- Ensures data integrity.
- Automates secure end-to-end distribution through Outlook.
- Ends worksheet corruption.
- Maintains complex workbooks.
- Exchanges changed data with ODBC databases.

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